Monday, 6 January 2014

To SWAP or not to SWAP

I would love to participate in this years SWAP over at the Stitchers Guild Forum but I doubt I will have the time with the kids on summer holidays for the rest of the month and me starting back at university shortly after that and having a bit of pre-reading to do.
However, should I somehow find the time, I would probably do a swap for EJ who is turning 8 next week and growing like a weed. It would take him through the rest of summer, into autumn (which is still very mild here) and even winter with the addition of another pair of pants and a lightweight hoodie and it would look something like this ...

Set 1 - black shorts, red t-shirt or tank, black & white check s/sleeve shirt
Set 2 - red shorts, white t-shirt or tank, black & white striped s/sleeve shirt
Set 3 - back & white check shorts, black t-shirt or tank, white s/sleeve shirt
Wild card 1 - pair of jeans (probably purchased) or long pants
Wild card 2 - lightweight jacket or l/sleeve shirt

Not sure about the red (he already has a lot) but I could swap that out for almost any other colour and it would still work.

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