Friday, 26 October 2012

New Vogues

The new seasons Vogue patterns have gone online and, although the majority do not interest me, there were three that immediately caught my eye.

Love the look of V8854 for a lightweight sweater for Autumn/Winter. I am not so fussed on the longer piece at the back but that is easily fixed. We don't really need heavy knits here and this looks like a comfortable piece to wear with jeans.

V8863 Is an interesting jacket, not sure if I would ever make it but it is interesting just the same.

This skirt and top by Sandra Betzina V1333 really interests me. The pattern is really simple but it has a great look. This might be on my 'to make for summer' list if I can find the right fabric.

I am sure other people will gravitate towards other patterns but these are my faves. What are yours?

Edit: I just discovered that Vogue patterns are on sale at the moment at and they were a bit hard to resist :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Life Update and Jean-ious 2

OK it is a while since I posted here, apologies and a quick update on life in this neck of the woods ...

Around the house:

De-cluttering is in progress (as always) ...


I am in week 8 of the 12wbt weigh-loss/fitness programme and it is going well, although I see this as a lifestyle change and not a quick fix ...

After successfully completing my TPP in Semester 1 this year (GPA 7 from two HD's) I am on a break from study but have enrolled for Semester 1 2013 to start my BA with an interdisciplinary major in Popular Culture. Phew that is a mouthful ...

The kids:

E is about to start swimming lessons this week at school ...

J is upset that the government pulled the pin on the Emergency Scouts programme and with their final session and goodbye party last week is feeling a little lost ...

R is getting excited about his upcoming trip to Japan with school in a few weeks ...

D is doing well at Uni and has received two credits so far for work submitted this semester ...


We lost my father on 30th June 2012. He had not been well for a long time and went into hospital two weeks before he passed and was moved to a palliative care facility. IT saddens me to say that he took his final breath in my arms. While I was glad I was there for him and he was not alone I was very sad that Mum did not get there in time. The funeral was hard but it was wonderful that people came from far and wide to remember him and say goodbye. I had been doing OK but it would have been Dads birthday last Friday (19th October) and it brought home just how much I am missing him each and every day. I can't imagine how Mum is coping, they were together since they were kids!

On a brighter note, the boys brother (their fathers son from his first marriage) was in Qld with his partner and their child last week. It was only a flying visit but we managed to meet up and spend the day together in Brisbane. I had not seen him for almost 12 years, he had not met his youngest brother and we had not met his partner or child. It was great seeing them but I wish we had more time together. It is hard when they live in Victoria and we live in Queensland, but hopefully we can see them again soon.


Well this has been non existent for a few reasons. I have been preoccupied with other things, the sewing machines are packed away for the time being while I declutter and re-arrange the house, I have been busy with study, I have not had the will to sew and I don't really want to sew while I am still losing weight.

However, as I had enrolled in the Kenneth King Jean-ious class on line I decided to see what it was like. I watched all the lessons and printed off the class materials and have to say the way he presents a class and explains things is great, so easy. I don't actually have a pair of jeans I want to copy right now (as those that did fit like a glove are now too big) so it might be a while before I put what I have learned into practise but I thoroughly enjoyed the classes!