Monday, 22 February 2010

Arrived safe and sound

Well the fabrics I ordered from have arrived.

After the minor problem of a few out of stock items and having to choose replacements, the order shipped from the USA on the 10th of February and arrived here in S/E Qld on the 16th of February. That was not bad at all considering it had to clear customs, the package sat in Mascot (Sydney) for almost two days and in Brisbane for another day. It was certainly faster than I anticipated and when you get a delivery across the other side of the world in that amount of time it makes the high shipping costs understandable!

The fabrics are all as they appeared online apart from the green slinky which is a slightly different shade to what I expected, but I do like it so no problem there. The weather has been awful here the past week so I haven't managed to get them washed etc. but I plan on getting to the pink slubby knit first as I want to make one of those cosi-cardi wraps before Autumn gets here.

I am very pleased with the service and also with the fabrics. Will I shop there again? I certainly will, although I need to shop the stash for a little while before I do any more fabric shopping :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A slight change of plans

I received an email this morning from Robyn of to tell me that two of the fabrics I wanted were only available in shorter cuts. The lengths available (eg 1/2 yard pieces) were not really what I wanted so I chose a couple of alternatives. My fabric order now looks like this. Gone is the purple slinky knit and there is a soft green slinky in it's place, and gone is the b&w floral print knit, and in it's place some sofrt pink linen blend. I think I will be able to make some nice new pieces with these ...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Online shopping

I felt like I needed a little retail therapy, and with the discovery of online coupons for (thanks Karen), I finally gave in to temptation.

I had been looking at some of the fabrics for a while, in particular jerseys and a linen blend, but I had been worried about shipping costs. I thought about if for a while and then decided to go ahead, I figure that if I could even find the fabrics here they would cost me about the same (if not more) than what I paid including the shipping. I think I ordered about 15m in total.

Delivery from the USA could take a while, after all it does have to come half way around the world, but I can be patient, can't I?