Sunday, 11 November 2012

A plan to sew with ...

It is windy and a bit wet outside so I have been playing around with Picasa to see what it can do. I had some Style Arc images saved on my PC so I used those and came up with this ...

This collage represents two capsules I am considering sewing for summer - Lounging and Lunching. I do not have any Style Arc patterns (as yet) so these images are just a representation the type of garments I would like to sew.

Capsule 1 - Lounging - two knit bottoms and two or three knit tops for regular around the house wear.

Capsule 2 - Lunching - two woven bottoms and two or three woven/knit tops for running errands and doing the school runs.

I would like to have added another blouse or top as a bridging piece between the two capsules but Picasa didn't like that so that is not there.

Will I go ahead with this plan or will I change my mind?

Who knows ...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

SWAP 2012/13

Over at The Stitchers Guild Forum the rules for the 2012/2013 Swap (sewing with a plan) competition have been announced.
In light of the devastation tropical storm Sandy caused to the east coast of the USA the requirements for this year have been somewhat simplified. There are no special techniques required, there is no need to use a particular skill or a particular pattern. It is ok to do what you like as long as it fits into these basic guidelines ...

"Each collection is either 3 tops and two bottoms, or 2 tops, 1 bottom, and 1 dress, which all form a cohesive group. The 11th garment should be a jacket or other piece that coordinates with both collections, both in style and colour."
I am almost considering having a crack at it, not for the competition side as I know I don't have a chance against such accomplished sewists, but for the simple idea of completing two basic clothing capsules that will extend my wearable wardrobe.
Time is always at a premium and my machines and all my sewing paraphenalia are currently packed away so I don't know if I will actually get this done, but the planning could be fun. Either way I know I will enjoy following along to see what everyone else is doing and how their plans unfold ...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I'm a winner!

OK so it is only a book but I love books and when this arrived in the mail today it was a lovely surprise. I had actually forgotten about the competition, I do tend to enter a lot online, and had no idea I had won something.

As we do not have pay tv I have never seen any of his shows but I do know he is very well known and respected and I can't wait to devour all the information he has to share.

I am in no way a fashionista but I do like reading about fashion, it's history and where it is going in the future and I am sure this will be a good read ... time to make a cuppa and put my feet up!


I have been trying to get into the sewing forum since yesterday but so far no luck.

I don't know if it is offline or if it is just me having troubles but either way it is not good. I am worried about the girls that live in the hardest hit areas of the USA with the storm and I am eager to hear if they are ok?

I hope it is back online soon ...