Tuesday, 31 January 2017

I would rather be here ... it is not far from home but other things are keeping me inside today.

Saturday, 28 January 2017


It has been a rather busy Christmas and school holiday period dogged with bad health (RA) and high temperatures, that haven't helped, so I don't feel like I achieved much in that time.

Anyway, ds#4 is now back at school for his last year in primary, ds#3 has secured himself a new job (an apprenticeship) after he finished high school just before Christmas, ds#2 is still looking for work and ds#1 is continuing with his university degree in Physics when school goes back. University does not go back till the end of next month so I have a little time between drop offs and pick ups in which I hope to get some sewing done before I have to get back to the books.

I bought my new overlocker before Christmas but it has taken till today to actually get it out of the box and set her up.

Compared to my old machine (she was 24 years old) this one has a few more features, such as differential feed and the free arm capability, that my old machine didn't have.

So far I have only threaded it and sewn a test row of stitches but I am looking forward to actually making something soon.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Merry Christmas (to me) ...

In a previous post I mentioned I have a Husqvarna overlocker that is around 24 years old. It is a basic machine with minimal features and while it still goes and still sews a very good stitch I have been contemplating a new machine for some time.

Browsing Spotlight online this morning I saw the Brother 3034D on sale for $300 off rrp. at such a bargain price how could I not get one? I also ordered myself a new pair of Mundial Serra Sharp dressmakers shears, something I have wanted to replace for years (ever since the now xh accidentally threw mine out).

As it happens Spotlight also have an offer of $40 off, for VIP's, should you spend over $100 (which I certainly did). I am feeling a little guilty as I never spend much on myself but the $340 saved makes it much easier to justify.

Anyway, this is the new machine. It should be here in a few days, can't wait to see what she can do.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sewing machines

I am in a few sewing groups on facebook and other sites online and there is always a lot of talk about sewing machines. I have both computerised and mechanical machines and an overlocker and would one day perhaps like to add an embroidery machine and coverstitch but I can get by well without them.On my wish list is an antique machine as well, again not necessary but I would like one just the same, they don't make them like they used to.

Some people swear by and will only use one brand, others only want a mechanical machine and others only want computerised. My favourite machine, and the one that is always set up now that I have a sewing space, is my trusty old faithful Janome MC6500 P. It was not cheap by any means but for the sheer quality of the machine and the number of things it can do I really think it was worth the expense (particularly as it was purchased on sale for $1k off the rrp).

These are the features of the machine

It has been used a lot in the years I have had it but that said, there are still some features I have never used, such as the editing of decorative stitches, elongating stitches, using the extra high lift for the foot (I don't make quilts that are that thick) or even putting on the knee lifter. I rarely use the extension table and I am not even sure I have used all the feet that came with it. I think I need to sit down with the manual and work my way through it so I can re-aquaint myself with the seldom or never used features.

In the 9 or so years I have had this machine I have become reliant on the auto needle threader, the automatic bobbin winder, the needle down button, the lock stitch and the thread snipper button. The only thing this machine doesn't have that would be handy is a free arm, not necessary but it would be nice.

I hope this machine lasts me many more years as I don't like the idea of trying to find another machine that does all this one does, but then again the latest Janome 6600p or whatever it is by the time I need a replacement will probably have all this and more.

What is your favourite machine and what feature(s) can you not like without?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sewing Space

As mentioned in the last post eldest ds bought me a desk for Christmas, so I would have somewhere to sew and no longer monopolise the dining room table.

Anyway, it arrived, I assembled it and set it up in my room.

I have since moved it to another location as the room was not working as it was laid out, but it now has my sewing magazines,some patterns and thread storage boxes all located on the shelves and within easy reach.

So far I am yet to get any sewing done but my space is there and ready to go as soon as I can find some time.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Sewing and Christmas

As mentioned in the last post I made a bit of a mess with the topstitching on one of the FST's, it is fine to wear around the house but I wear it out until I do something with it. I was considering covering it with a ruffle or trim and I have placed an order for a few trims so when they arrive I will decide if I am going to use one of those or make a self fabric ruffle. Either way I will be able to cover the less than perfect top stitching and hide my lack of concentration.

For now all machines are packed away, as I sew on the dining table and we needed it table for Christmas. However, my eldest son didn't know what to get me for Christmas and I saw a desk on sale that would be perfect for a sewing station. It is not as wide as some desks but is long enough to hold both sewing machine and overlocker and has some inbuilt storage.

Anyway, we saw it on sale on Boxing Day so it has been ordered and should be here within the week. It will mean there is some re-arranging of furiture to do but I don't mind that when the outcome is no more packing and unpacking machines!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Two tanks and a tee

I finished sewing second Free Spirit Tank the other day but I was not really concentrating when doing the topstitching on the blue version and I am not happy with it. I am trying to decide whether to unpick it all, not my idea of fun (and hard when you need new glasses), or to hide it with a trim or a thin ruffle made from the same fabric. I think I'll wait till I visit Spotlight and see what trims I can find before making a decision.

I have been trying to get together a set of TNT's and so far I have the tank mentioned above, Hot Patterns blouse back tee, Crafty Mammas Lovely Layers top and Love Notions Laundry Day Tee all adjusted to fit and all very useable patterns for summer. I have not started on any woven patterns or bottoms but I will get there eventually.

In a quest to add to these TNT's I made my first muslin of the Hot Patterns Shirt Tail Tee yesterday. I used a rather inexpensive striped interlock and while I know it doesn't drape like the top should I really wanted to test the fit and length before I used decent fabric. If this one doesn't soften with washing and improve the drape it will make a rather fancy pyjama top. The fit is ok but it feels a little on the large size to me and I think I need to add a bit more length to the front as well. No pics as I finished late last night and it was too dark.

Today I am planning on sewing up a muslin of the Hot Patterns La Strada Tee. Hopefully this one will fit too.