Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sewing machines

I am in a few sewing groups on facebook and other sites online and there is always a lot of talk about sewing machines. I have both computerised and mechanical machines and an overlocker and would one day perhaps like to add an embroidery machine and coverstitch but I can get by well without them.On my wish list is an antique machine as well, again not necessary but I would like one just the same, they don't make them like they used to.

Some people swear by and will only use one brand, others only want a mechanical machine and others only want computerised. My favourite machine, and the one that is always set up now that I have a sewing space, is my trusty old faithful Janome MC6500 P. It was not cheap by any means but for the sheer quality of the machine and the number of things it can do I really think it was worth the expense (particularly as it was purchased on sale for $1k off the rrp).

These are the features of the machine

It has been used a lot in the years I have had it but that said, there are still some features I have never used, such as the editing of decorative stitches, elongating stitches, using the extra high lift for the foot (I don't make quilts that are that thick) or even putting on the knee lifter. I rarely use the extension table and I am not even sure I have used all the feet that came with it. I think I need to sit down with the manual and work my way through it so I can re-aquaint myself with the seldom or never used features.

In the 9 or so years I have had this machine I have become reliant on the auto needle threader, the automatic bobbin winder, the needle down button, the lock stitch and the thread snipper button. The only thing this machine doesn't have that would be handy is a free arm, not necessary but it would be nice.

I hope this machine lasts me many more years as I don't like the idea of trying to find another machine that does all this one does, but then again the latest Janome 6600p or whatever it is by the time I need a replacement will probably have all this and more.

What is your favourite machine and what feature(s) can you not like without?

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