Friday, 27 June 2014

Additions to the collection

I am a relatively new HotPatterns user, having only ever made up the blouse back tee, mainly because of the cost of the postage from the US to Australia. Adding $20 US to the cost of an order really makes you think about how badly you want them and you need to order at least a few to make it feel worthwhile.

Trudy tells me they will be adding more PDF patterns soon, the only one available in that format so far is the blouse back tee, and I will be a happy camper when that happens but my bank balance probably won't.

In the meantime though, I recently ordered these three patterns which arrived this week. I think the first cab off the rank will be the La Strada tee, love the way the collar wraps up and around the neck, it will be perfect for winter under a jacket.

Friday, 20 June 2014

The first blouse back tee

I never posted the bright pink blouse back tee I made before the patterned one and, in the midst of a sewing drought, thought I would share it here. Unfortunately I can't find any pics of it, not sure what happened to them but never mind. I will either find them soon or take another one as soon as the top has been through the wash.

I hope the La Strada tee and a couple of other patterns I ordered from HP arrive soon, I have finished my Uni work for the semester and really want to do some sewing while I am on break.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

The white and patterned top ...

I finished my white and patterned blouse back t today.

I should be doing uni assignments but I have been working hard on them all week, finishing one major essay last night, and I needed a break.

This is not the best photo but I don't have a dress form to put it on and I am not very skilled in the art of the selfie.

I used the patterned print for the yoke, the sleeves and the front and the white for the back and the neckband. The neckband looks a bit odd here but it is just a shadow.

EDIT: On wearing these two shirts I am thinking I could still have used a size smaller. They fit ok but they are a little loose so a bit of tweaking is still required. I may also see how a 3/4 or long sleeve version would go after all it is winter here and a bit cool for short sleeves and this is not really the kind of top you wear a jacket over.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Another bbt

I don't really have time to be sewing at the moment but I have taken a little break from study this morning and took the opportunity to cut out another blouse back t.

This one uses the recently purchased brown, yellow, orange, and teal on white abstract/floral print for the front, sleeves, bands and yoke with a plain white blouse back.

I am not sure if the white back will work with this fabric so the shoulders, front and back will be basted together to see how it goes. If worse comes to worse I can unpick it and cut a back from the print fabric and save the white back for another top.

Just wish I could get this first essay done and out the way so I can get on with the sewing ... although I guess all the other uni pieces I have due in the next week or so should take precedence, perhaps.