Friday, 27 June 2014

Additions to the collection

I am a relatively new HotPatterns user, having only ever made up the blouse back tee, mainly because of the cost of the postage from the US to Australia. Adding $20 US to the cost of an order really makes you think about how badly you want them and you need to order at least a few to make it feel worthwhile.

Trudy tells me they will be adding more PDF patterns soon, the only one available in that format so far is the blouse back tee, and I will be a happy camper when that happens but my bank balance probably won't.

In the meantime though, I recently ordered these three patterns which arrived this week. I think the first cab off the rank will be the La Strada tee, love the way the collar wraps up and around the neck, it will be perfect for winter under a jacket.

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