Saturday, 7 June 2014

The white and patterned top ...

I finished my white and patterned blouse back t today.

I should be doing uni assignments but I have been working hard on them all week, finishing one major essay last night, and I needed a break.

This is not the best photo but I don't have a dress form to put it on and I am not very skilled in the art of the selfie.

I used the patterned print for the yoke, the sleeves and the front and the white for the back and the neckband. The neckband looks a bit odd here but it is just a shadow.

EDIT: On wearing these two shirts I am thinking I could still have used a size smaller. They fit ok but they are a little loose so a bit of tweaking is still required. I may also see how a 3/4 or long sleeve version would go after all it is winter here and a bit cool for short sleeves and this is not really the kind of top you wear a jacket over.

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