Saturday, 28 January 2017


It has been a rather busy Christmas and school holiday period dogged with bad health (RA) and high temperatures, that haven't helped, so I don't feel like I achieved much in that time.

Anyway, ds#4 is now back at school for his last year in primary, ds#3 has secured himself a new job (an apprenticeship) after he finished high school just before Christmas, ds#2 is still looking for work and ds#1 is continuing with his university degree in Physics when school goes back. University does not go back till the end of next month so I have a little time between drop offs and pick ups in which I hope to get some sewing done before I have to get back to the books.

I bought my new overlocker before Christmas but it has taken till today to actually get it out of the box and set her up.

Compared to my old machine (she was 24 years old) this one has a few more features, such as differential feed and the free arm capability, that my old machine didn't have.

So far I have only threaded it and sewn a test row of stitches but I am looking forward to actually making something soon.

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