Sunday, 11 November 2012

A plan to sew with ...

It is windy and a bit wet outside so I have been playing around with Picasa to see what it can do. I had some Style Arc images saved on my PC so I used those and came up with this ...

This collage represents two capsules I am considering sewing for summer - Lounging and Lunching. I do not have any Style Arc patterns (as yet) so these images are just a representation the type of garments I would like to sew.

Capsule 1 - Lounging - two knit bottoms and two or three knit tops for regular around the house wear.

Capsule 2 - Lunching - two woven bottoms and two or three woven/knit tops for running errands and doing the school runs.

I would like to have added another blouse or top as a bridging piece between the two capsules but Picasa didn't like that so that is not there.

Will I go ahead with this plan or will I change my mind?

Who knows ...

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