Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Online shopping

I felt like I needed a little retail therapy, and with the discovery of online coupons for http://www.fabric.com (thanks Karen), I finally gave in to temptation.

I had been looking at some of the fabrics for a while, in particular jerseys and a linen blend, but I had been worried about shipping costs. I thought about if for a while and then decided to go ahead, I figure that if I could even find the fabrics here they would cost me about the same (if not more) than what I paid including the shipping. I think I ordered about 15m in total.

Delivery from the USA could take a while, after all it does have to come half way around the world, but I can be patient, can't I?


  1. Hi Deb, I'm a fellow perthite. Like you I purchase patterns online from the US as the prices are so much better and i got tired of working out what i wanted when there was a sale on at spotlight etc and then finding they were out of stock.
    I've been checking out fabric.com and I keep filling up a shopping cart mainly with knits but then don't go through with the purchase. Looking forward to hearing how you go.

  2. Hi Vanessa. I am not acutally a Perthite but I am an Aussie, from the other side of the country :) I had done the filling up of the cart and then emptying it out again a few times, but this time I thought what the heck it's worth a shot, and the $15 I saved with the coupon took some of the sting out of the shipping costs.

  3. Hi Deb, maybe I read one of your old posts and decided you were from Perth.

    We have 3 or 4 good fabric stores here but they are pretty pricey and then the usual spotlight and 1 lincraft. I've only bought some denim from wawoozle online that was from a levi factory that closed down as i had a good idea of what to expect. I haven't been game to order anything else yet.

    Good luck with your order.