Friday, 26 October 2012

New Vogues

The new seasons Vogue patterns have gone online and, although the majority do not interest me, there were three that immediately caught my eye.

Love the look of V8854 for a lightweight sweater for Autumn/Winter. I am not so fussed on the longer piece at the back but that is easily fixed. We don't really need heavy knits here and this looks like a comfortable piece to wear with jeans.

V8863 Is an interesting jacket, not sure if I would ever make it but it is interesting just the same.

This skirt and top by Sandra Betzina V1333 really interests me. The pattern is really simple but it has a great look. This might be on my 'to make for summer' list if I can find the right fabric.

I am sure other people will gravitate towards other patterns but these are my faves. What are yours?

Edit: I just discovered that Vogue patterns are on sale at the moment at and they were a bit hard to resist :)

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