Monday, 27 January 2014

Progress, such as it is ...

The auto-immune disease has not been playing nice the last few weeks, but what's new, so there has not been a lot done on little mans clothes. I have managed to wash, dry and iron three of the fabrics I will be using as they were all black and of similar content so they could be done together. I have a piece of white fabric for a shirt that may or may not be dealt with later today.

Leaning over a table and cutting out is a bit difficult when your neck, shoulders and arms are aching but I have pushed through it and have cut out the first pair of shorts this morning (Simplicity 2318) and have laid out the pattern ready to cut the striped fabric for the first shirt (Simplicity 5581). Tasks like this need to be broken down into little pieces so I can cope with them, which is better than not doing it at all, so it could the best part of the day but I hope it will be done before dinner.

The plan was to break the whole process into blocks and do each block one by one, by that I mean pre-treat all fabrics, trace off or cut out all patterns, cut out all fabrics and then when that is done sit and sew all garments. All blocks of tasks then need to be broken down into small steps so it is manageable. I do not have a sewing space (as you can see from the pic of the cutting out being done on the dining table) so I can not set up a machine and leave it so breaking the process down into blocks like this also means I don't need to keep dragging the machine out, sewing one thing, clearing it away so I can cut out etc. and doing it all again when the next item is ready to sew.

I have not yet purchased the other fabrics required for his t-shirts or tank tops, the long pants (should I make them), and perhaps a hoodie or other outer wear piece. He has not decided what colour he wants so until that happens I am a little stuck on moving much further forward but also have more patterns to cut so all is good.

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