Thursday, 30 January 2014

The early bird gets the worm

The kids here went back to school on Tuesday (well the youngest two anyway, the other two have completed their schooling) and after I dropped little man at school this morning I decided that, as I was already out, I would drive up to the local Spotlight (similar to JoAnn's in the USA) and get lightweight interfacing for tracing off patterns. I had to sit there for a little while waiting for them to open but never mind I always have a book with me in the car for just these occasions.

While I was there I spotted two fabrics that would be suitable for tops or a lightweight jacket for the little man. The aqua fabric has a ribbed texture and the red one has a textured reverse. Both are knits that are heavier than interlock but not as heavy as double knit, perfect for 'Summer into Autumn' wear.
I only wish, now that I am home and realise that the already discounted fabrics were marked down even further for club discount, that I had purchased another metre or so of each. Oh well, the store is not far away so once I get these washed & dried and get patterns laid out I can always go back if I need more. The only problem there is I might see something else I want :)


  1. Lovely colours and the textures look good too. Why doesn't my spotlight have this sort of stuff?

  2. I think I was rather lucky with these, they don't usually have much of anything I like. It will be interesting to see how they wash and sew but I am not overly concerned, little man is growing fast so I only expect the pieces to last a season or two anyway.