Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It's here

The parcel of sewing goodies I ordered a few weeks back has finally arrived. It took a lot longer than I anticipated for delivery but apparently there was a reason ...

There was a post-Christmas back log that took a while to clear but there was no indication of this on the website. It is a shame they didn't notify customers of this delay before the checkout process and not later when the customer goes searching for answers. Never mind, I have learned my lesson and I won't make that mistake again.

These fabrics are nothing fancy nor expensive but they are perfect for an 8 year old boy who likes comfortable clothing, with drills for the pants and cottons for the shirts.

I have not yet decided on the colour to go with these and make up the third set. I will need to buy more fabric for that set of shorts and shirt, as well as for the three t-shirts to go with these, but I can do that later when little man has decided what colour he wants.

For now I hope to get these fabrics pre-treated today so I can get started in earnest tomorrow. The weather forecasters are not being nice and have forecast an anticipated high of 37c (with a feel of 40c). If it gets that warm we can expect a slight delay!

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  1. I hate waiting for stuff too. Its that old problem of living at the end of the world, and ordering stuff from the US or Europe. Although this year I was also surprised on the delay when ordering from an Australian supplier just before Xmas. Perhaps my expectations are too high.