Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Beautiful bamboo

I have never sewn with it myself, nor owned a garment made from it, but I hear bamboo is a wonderful fabric for clothing, feels great against the skin and is cool to wear in warm climates.

I stumbled across a listing for a store that sells fabrics and goods made from bamboo and while it looked very interesting I understood it was an online only store which was not ideal.


I don't know about you but I am hesitant to purchase fabrics unfamiliar to me without actually feeling them to see how soft, heavy etc. they are. A quick question left on their Facebook page corrected my misconception and affirmed that they did indeed have a store where in-person shopping was welcomed.

The best news? The store is literally a few kilometres from home.

I am looking forward to, once the kids are back at school and I can browse in peace, spending a little time browsing the shelves and taking the opportunity to feel the fabrics and get an understanding of what the choices are and what they are best suited to. I am hoping to find a soft fabric suitable for t-shirts for my youngest and possibly also for myself but who knows what treasures I will find.

The pics are from the store and show some of their hemp fabric, bamboo linen and knits.

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