Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Where to next?

Artisans square have a thread entitled Summer 2014 6PAC (May-July) whereby anyone who chooses to play along should endeavour to sew 6 items within three months and the suggestions are as follows;

1 A jacket or layering piece - mid-coloured neutral
2 A skirt or shorts or trousers - in a mid-coloured neutral
3 A skirt or shorts or trousers - in a colour or neutral
4 A top - in a neutral
5 A top - in a colour
6 A top - in a print

I had a lot of fun planning and sewing SWAP for my youngest boy and I am thinking this might be good to actually motivate me to sew for myself, something I haven't done in a very long time.

I have no TNT's and do not even know what pattern alterations I need to make so I will be starting completely from scratch, but I think I will have a go. That said I do have a lot on with UNI so I don't know how far I get, but should I only get one pattern altered and fitted I will be ahead of where I am now. It is Autumn now and heading into Winter and starting to cool a little, still around 26c though, so my plan will take that into account but also that it does not get really cold and most of the year is pretty warm.

No real time has been spent thinking about this so off the top of my head it could look something like this ...

1 A lightweight sweater or top (possibly V8854) - accent colour
2 A pair of crop or 3/4 pants - dark denim perhaps
3 A pair of pants (Style Arc?) - dark grey or black
4 A t-shirt or top - plain colour
5 A t-shirt or top - patterned
6 A long sleeve shirt probably in white or a light stripe.

There is little to no allowance for fabric or notions in the budget at the moment so whatever I manage to get sewn will come from the stash, that could be interesting!

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