Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hot Patterns Blouse Back T

I bought the e-pattern the other day so I could join in the sew along.

I printed it, stuck it together and cut it out. No problems.
I had some mystery knit fabric in the stash to cut out. No problems.
I sat at the machine today and sewed it up. No problems.
I tried it on ... problems!

The first thing I noticed was that it felt like it was falling off my shoulders and was wide across the upper chest and the back. Solution: Cut the front, back and yoke a size or two smaller to remove the excess width.

The second thing I noticed was that the side seams were pulling towards the front towards the bottom of the seams, the bust was too tight, the front was sticking out away from the body at the middle down to the bottom, and the front was too short. Solution: Make a FBA to add extra room to the front and hopefully allow the back to hang straight.

I have made pattern alterations and re-cut the fabric (glad I had a fair bit of the mystery fabric in the stash) and will endeavour to sew it up tomorrow and see if the 'solutions' have helped.

If not it will be back to the drawing board ...

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