Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Progress, as little as it may be

OK so the jacket hasn't materialised, it's been too warm to make the jacket I had in mind. Despite it being the middle of winter it is still hovering around the mid 20's through the day and I decided it wasn't worth making a heavy jacket with the weather being so mild. Hopefully next winter I will get the chance to make it, but for now it's on hold.

I have turned my attention to sorting my wardrobe and although I am not finished I have made some headway. I have removed from the hanging section all the items that are simply taking up space. Clothes I wore when working in an office and clothes that no longer fit me or suit my lifestyle. In their place I have a few new pieces I bought this week (3 pairs 3/4 pants and 3 new tops) and the things that do fit and I can and will wear. I still have some tops and jeans to sort but they won't take too long.

I am hoping to complete the Wardrobe In A Week (WIAW) challenge for the Stitchers Guild this month which will add a few more options to the wardrobe. The WIAW entails making 4 garments in a week, all prep can be done the week before but no stitching till the actual week. I haven't sewn for me in so long and have no Tried and True (TNT) patterns so I won't be making anything elaborate or fitted, it will have to be quick and easy pieces I'm afraid.

Patterns I ordered from the USA haven't arrived yet (McCalls and Vogues) although they have been shipped, but I don't know if I will have time to make test garments and fit patterns before the start date. If not I might have to resort to one or two of the patterns I have here but nothing is really calling out to me at the moment.

I received a package today of fabrics I ordered online (black denim, white striped shirting, and black white and yellow patterned stretch cotton) and hopefully these will be the basis for my WIAW. I have also ordered some yellow denim, together with some white drill, and yellow patterned faille (not pictured), but I don't know if they will arrive in time either. If they don't it's a good excuse for another trip to the fabric store!

For now it's back to the wardrobe and more sorting, washing the new fabrics so they are ready to cut, and deciding what new items of clothing I really need. I am thinking a white jacket would be handy but I'm not sure if that will fit into a WIAW plan or it will have to be done at a later date. Decisions, decisions!
Happy sewing,

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