Wednesday, 12 August 2009

They're here!

Wouldn't you know it ...

I made up my mind to forget the McCalls patterns for the WIAW and do trials of other existing (but so far unused) patterns using knit fabrics a friend gave to me recently when she was getting rid of her stash. I have traced and cut out patterns and fabrics and have them sitting in little piles with their patterns and instructions, all ready to sew.

The McCalls patterns arrived this morning and, although I really want to make them up in the fabrics I had chosen for the WIAW, I have decided to leave them alone for now and continue with making up the test garments already underway. The Sewing Guild has a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) scheduled albeit tentatively for the end of the year, so maybe these patterns and fabrics can be shelved till then. I think they will make a great summer wardrobe.

The boys have all been sick this week but hopefully one or more of them might be well enough for school tomorrow. I just can't concentrate and get any sewing done with them all underfoot, especially when my sewing area is the dining table. Tomorrow I hope to get some matching threads at least so I can get underway when I have the chance.

Bye for now ...

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