Saturday, 8 August 2009

Still waiting

The WIAW is drawing near and the patterns from McCall's still haven't arrived. I had anticipated using the Easy Endless Options pattern (the one illustrated in black white and yellow) to make some pull on pants (altered to 3/4 length) and a couple of tops. The pattern is designed for wovens and these are the fabrics I purchased with this in mind (see earlier post).

It is already Saturday the 8th and prep should be starting shortly but I haven't got patterns, never mind made any test garments. I really wish I had some TNT's about now!

I am not sure if I should ditch the initial plans and decide to use Vogues instead (which have now arrived). I am favouring the skirt, pants and top from V8435 with perhaps the jacket from V8605. These however are designed for stretch fabrics, but I don't think I have enough for co-ordinating pieces in my little stash, so that would mean another trip to the fabric store.

I am really undecided as to what to do. Do I search the stash for basic knits so I can start on a mock up of the Vogues in case the other patterns don't get here in time or do I take a risk and wait for the others to arrive?

What would you do?

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  1. I'm sorry the patterns are taking so long. If you were planning on sewing the knit patterns anyway, why not get prepared to use those. You'll need fabric for them anyway, so go ahead and get ready to have the Vogue as an alternate. The if the McCall's come in, you can use them, and save the knit for another time after the WiaW.