Sunday, 16 August 2009

WIAW - prep week

Well prep week started on Friday and I am sad to say I am not where I wanted to be at this point in time. I have had 4 kids sick for the past week (the flu) and for the past few days I've been feeling rather blah myself and not exactly in the mood to do anything.

Despite everything I have sewn up 3 test garments. One is OK (a skirt), although I am reworking the waist as we speak, but the other two (tops) were a little disappointing. I am not giving up on those two patterns, but I will leave the resolution of fit issues until I have more time, energy and patience.

I have one more test garment cut out and ready to sew, and was hoping to do that today but the lack of energy and feeling sick has got the better of me. I will persevere with unpicking this waistband and hopefully getting it redone before the day is out, and leave the last test garment to sew till tomorrow.

If worse comes to worse I will make up two skirts and two of the tops (presuming the fit is OK), but if not I might have to do a bit of a re-think. Oh well, we live and learn ...

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