Friday, 2 October 2015

Love Notions Laundry Day Tee #2

I whipped up another of these tops today but this time I used some mystery knit fabric I have had in my stash for an unknown length of time. I think it is probably a mix of cotton and lycra but it doesn't have a lot of drape and while the fit is still ok it does not hang as well as the ITY knit I used yesterday. Still ok but not great but it probably didn't help that I forgot to make the shoulder adjustment.

This afternoon I popped into one of the local fabric stores to get some more fabric and found something that looked a little different so I decided to get that. What I found weird was that when I asked for 2m the lady serving looked at me like I had three heads. She questioned why I needed that much fabric, was I making a dress, etc. No, I am making another top and yes I am aware how much I am buying, the pattern I am going to use suggests 1.8m and I always allow a bit extra for shrinkage. She was still hesitant to cut the 2m I asked for and I almost had to convince her that I knew what I was asking for. It was only $14 per metre so I really can not understand her concern, after all anything left over can be used for contrast sleeves and neck or sleeve bindings.

I would have thought shops wanted to sell their goods but perhaps I am wrong ...

EDIT: Yesterday I cut the above mentioned fabric, sewed shoulders together, installed sleeves, sewed side seams and all was going well ... till I attached the neck band. Ugh. Despite it being pinned in 1/8's around the neck somehow during sewing it 'slipped' and the result was atrocious. I have never had that happen before! I removed the neckband best I could but needed to trim down neckline once that was done (due to holes being snagged during unpicking). I recut the neckband a little longer and a little wider and re-applied it. It just looks horrid. I don't have enough to recut the front and back and while I know there will be some way to rescue this and make it work (perhaps with the addition of a yoke) but for now I am over it. I am putting it away and will (perhaps) come back to it some time in the future.

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