Sunday, 4 October 2015

Copy Shop Printing of PDF's

In the past few years I have started buying PDF patterns instead of printed patterns, not only is there instant gratification but I don't have to pay shipping costs either (which can be quite high now the Aussie dollar is low against the USD).

Normally I print these at home and spend a few minutes taping them together before cutting them out but I wondered whether it would be worth taking them to a copy shop to have them printed, especially those with a large number of pages. However, here we only have Office Works who offer this service BUT they are known to state that copyright issues prevent them from printing sewing patterns. Really? We pay the pattern designer for the right to use their patterns and they often supply us with print at home and copy shop versions so we can print them either way. I can't understand why there is a Copyright issue? Some people have taken their receipts for pattern purchase in with them still to be told now.

A pattern group I am in has taken this issue up with Office Works and an outcome is pending. I believe that because a customer pays for these patterns and they are supplied in this form to be used they should stop being ridiculous and just print them. There has been some forward movement on this issue but I am holding off printing until I hear that the local store has agreed to print.

I wonder, have you ever had this issue where you are?

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