Saturday, 19 July 2014

I know this is primarily a sewing blog but ...

Sewing ties into fashion and fashion ties into wardrobe.

Thinking about what clothes are in my wardrobe has been high on the agenda in past weeks, thanks to the Starting From Scratch Series, and that has lead me to think about what my garments are hanging on. While I have attempted in the past to get organisation in this area under control it is still somewhat lacking. Yes all my hangers match and while they look good together they are not ideal. They are simple black plastic that tend to let items slip off and clothes end up either hanging by a thread or they fall down onto the 'floor-drobe' if you know what I mean.

I have shelving down either side of the wardrobe, which is great for t-shirts, jumpers etc. but little man shares a room with his brother so his clothes are stored in my room (which means 1/2 the shelf space is taken up with his clothes). In the middle of the wardrobe there is one hanging rail and while it is great if you wear dresses (which I don't) I feel it would be better utilised with a double hanging rail allowing more room for the shirts, blouses, jackets, pants and jeans that make up the better part of my wardrobe.

EDIT: I have just measured the space between the top shelf and the floor and discovered there is not enough height to add a second rail so another answer will have to be found. Not sure what that answer will be but in the meantime I think I need to get something like this to take care of the hanger issues ...

Oh what a joy it would be to slide open the wardrobe doors and find a totally organised and co-ordinated wardrobe.

One day ...

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