Friday, 11 July 2014

So far it looks like this

With the two handbags added the wardrobe so far looks something like this ...
Gone are the plain white shirt and top as when they arrived they were not white at all but were cream and as cream was not what I was after back to the store they go and they will be replaced as soon as I can find them in white. Also gone are the wide leg pants that were just not the right shape or fit for me, they have been replaced by some straight leg black pants already in the wardrobe.

The things I need most at the moment are a jumper or two so that is what I will be adding next. Once that is done it is back to the plan to see what I need and of that see what I can sew, although sewing time will be minimal after next week as uni starts back for the second semester and I won't get a decent break again till the end of November.

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