Sunday, 26 October 2014

That time of year

Summer break is within sight!

It is the time of year when thoughts start to turn towards Summer holidays and being able to put Uni behind me for another year. There is only one week of Uni left and when my final two assignments are submitted (they are not finished yet) I will be free. I will be able to put away the books for a while and relax, yay.

Throughout the year I don't usually get any sewing done, I might be able to if I had a sewing space but having to use the dining table means I need to set up and pack away each time I sew and that is time consuming and when you only have a few minutes here and there is hardly seems worth it.

In the meantime I usually peruse patterns and see what fabrics I have available so I am ready to go when break starts. Yesterday I ordered a few more sewing patterns from Hot Patterns and hope they will be here in the not too distant future. If not all is good, I have more waiting on my to sew list.

Dresses are not something I usually wear and have never sewn one for myself but something about the simplicity and ease of the Primavera dress spoke to me. I think it would be great for our climate, it is only Spring here and this week we are heading towards 35c, so summer looks like it is going to be a hot one and a dress may do the trick to help combat the heat.

Similarly the sleeveless top will be perfect and while the other top may be better suited to all but the hottest climates sewn in the right fabric and with enough ease to be breezy it should work for summer as well.

I am not sure what fabrics I want to use yet but, possibly linen or linen/cotton blends, as long as it is cool and comfortable I will be happy.

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