Monday, 7 April 2014

Another one crossed off the list.

Today was spent trying to get the bones of an essay completed for Uni but after spending most of the day working on it lack of concentration got the better of me. A sewing diversion was in order so I took the opportunity to attach the eyelets to the collar for little mans sweatshirt and finish it off. It did not all go smoothly though ...

It was all finished when little man tried it on and, despite earlier confirming it was the length he liked, he advised it was too short. Sigh. So with unpicker in hand I set to work, ruing the tiny stitches matched perfectly to the fabric and so very hard to see. I then added a double band across the bottom which gave it a nice finished edge (although it needs a good press to flatten it a little) and added the required extra length. So now it is done.

All I have to do now is either make a grey sweatshirt or jacket for the second wildcard or add an extra (purchased) shirt. It really depends on what little man wants and whether he needs another sweatshirt or a jacket?

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