Sunday, 16 March 2014

Progress ...

Such as it is!

No sewing has been done yet, I am still waiting (for help) to rescue the sewing machine from the garage, so all I can do at the moment is trace patterns, cut fabric and assemble threads, buttons etc. so I will be ready to go as soon as the machine is uncovered.

The items cut out and ready to sew are:
  • 1 pair aqua linen shorts
  • 1 pair black drill shorts
  • 1 black and white striped short sleeve button front shirt
  • 1 black long sleeve t-shirt
  • 1 aqua sweatshirt
My plan has changed slightly and at the moment it looks something like this.

The patterns are not yet decided so these line drawings (borrowed from the net) are only indicative of type of garment. As the weather here is quite warm, we are in Autumn now and today it topped 33c (felt like 37c), and winters don't get all that cold so I have included items EJ can layer if he wants to and items for both warm and cooler weather as it can be quite changeable.

I doubt I will get all the sewing done and items made before the SWAP end date but I am not too phased as I am only participating for myself and not for the competition, there are far too many wonderful sewists entered to ever think I would have a chance.

So, I will be done when I am done, before the end date or not ...

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