Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting shirty ...

The B&W striped cotton for little mans shirt was cut out some time ago but it kept getting put to the bottom of the 'to make' pile as other things took precedence but today it made its way to the top.

The shirt is not yet completed but I need to put it aside for now and consider things like making dinner (or the kids will revolt) but I hope to finish it tomorrow.

All that is left to do is the hand sewing on the inner collar edge, making buttonholes and adding the buttons which won't take long.

As I was sewing I realised that I have never sewn a woven shirt before, knit shirts yes but no wovens, so today was a first for me. While it is far from perfect and was only a basic pattern, I am pretty happy with the result. It can only get better from here ...

EDIT: Hand sewing and buttonholes are done, just need to sew the buttons on now.

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