Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another one done ...

Using the same pattern as the long sleeve t-shirt, I have sewn up the sleeveless black t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just plain and useful.

The pattern itself is fine but I do not like the methods they use to attach the neckband or finish the sleeve edges on this version.

For the neckband they would have you stitch the seam of the neckband, fold it in half with right sides out, pin the edge of neck, stitch and turn upward but this does not give a nice finish. I prefer stitching one edge of the neckband around the neck right sides together on the outside, turning the band in and over the seam allowance and stitching in the ditch from the right side. This gives a better finish and looks nicer, imho, so this is what I did.

For the sleeves they have you turn under a very thin double hem and sew which, again, is not the best finish. If I had enough fabric (unfortunately I didn't) I would have applied sleeve bands as per the neck finish but turned the whole thin inside including the seam allowances and stitched from the outside, where the bands are inside and unseen and the end result is much neater. Oh well, next time.

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