Thursday, 26 February 2015

Style Arc Evie Tank Top - Post 2

While I would still prefer a knit tank without a dart, the results achieved using the method discussed yesterday just wasn't right for me. It fit ok, better than ready to wear but still not as good as I know it should be, so that option has been ruled out. I will keep an eye out for a t-shirt or tank pattern that comes with different cup size options (suggestions welcome) but till then I will persevere with this pattern.

This morning I have re-drawn the pattern front, re-done the FBA and re-positioned the dart so it sits in a less horizontal slightly lower position angled upwards towards the bust which I am hoping will give a more flattering result, especially on a fabric with more body.

I have also re-drawn another version of the pattern with the dart returned to where it was initially so the extra material at the front can be gathered in at the bust level to match the back side seam length so the room is there but the dart is not, this should work really well with slinky and lightweight knits.

For now it is on to the next muslin, either with the dart or with the gathering, thankful there is enough cheap fabric in the stash to make this process possible. Making muslins can be a very frustrating process but in the end I hope to  have two versions of a TNT pattern that can easily be sewn up at a moments notice with very little fabric, so the effort is worth it.

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