Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Style Arc Evie Tank Top

I have purchased a few patterns from Aussie company Style Arc in the past and one of these was the Evie Knit Top. As University doesn't re-commence till March 3rd I decided to spend some of my spare time fitting patterns in the hopes of creating some TNT's. I chose this pattern to fit first as it is very quick to sew, it only uses around 80cm of fabric and will be useful all year round; in summer as a wear alone top, in autumn and spring under a shirt and in winter under a jacket.

As I have not sewn any of this make of pattern before I made a quick muslin (only sewing shoulder and side seams from some very cheap material) straight from the pattern to determine sizing, fully expecting I would need to add a FBA and extra length. My expectations were pretty much spot on, there were drag lines pointing straight to my bust and the front was too short.

For the next muslin I added the FBA, stitched in the resulting dart and added a little extra length. Fit is better but still not where I want it to be and I was not sure if I really wanted a dart in a knit, it might be ok hidden in a patterned fabric but not such a great look on a plain fabric, imho anyway.

So, on to the next muslin. This one I ignored the dart, simply straightening the side seam over the dart location reducing the length at the bottom by the width of the dart, similar to this method from Sew Sew Sew Your Boat. I also narrowed the shoulders a little.This fabric was a cheap and nasty interlock with little stretch but overall the fit seems ok, although it appears I need to raise the front shoulder a little as there is some excess fabric bagging out on the front armhole edge. I will wear it for a while before I decide if this is ok to go ahead and trace off another pattern with all changes made so far and cut out in a decent fabric or if further changes need to be made.

I have no pictures to share at the moment but will try and get some when the process is complete.

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