Sunday, 8 February 2015

Crafty Mamma's Lovely Layers

After not sewing anything since I completed the SWAP last January for my youngest son, I thought it was about time I made something for myself. I have not used a Crafty Mamma's pattern before but I decided to give the Lovely Layers top a go and decided on the shorter length, with a scoop neck and short sleeves.

The fabric I chose was a cheap fabric I purchased from eBay some time ago which, from memory, is a cotton jersey. The width of the fabric was an issue, being some 10 cm's or so short so I decided to cut the back in two pieces, cutting the small triangle on the corner as a separate piece and piecing it back together before sewing the garment.

The actual sewing was easy with very few steps; join the shoulders, add neck binding, sew sleeves in flat, join the arm/side seam and finish the bottom and sleeve hems. Too easy, although I will admit I have not sewn the bottom hem yet. The pieced portion on the back can not be seen due to the pattern in the fabric and has not affected the drape of the hem which is good but as it is only a muslin it doesn't really matter anyway.

Personally I don't like clothes too well fitting and this feels a little snug, especially as it is still summer here and rather warm, but this was straight from the pattern with no alterations at all which is rather pleasing. Overall I am happy with the result, a comfortable top that can be worn with a skirt, jeans or crop pants but doesn't look as plain and simple as a t-shirt.

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  1. That is a lovely top, I might have to get this pattern. Very nice.