Thursday, 7 May 2015

6 Pac Sewing

It is that time of the year when another sew along begins and this time (as this is an American site) it is the Summer 2015 6 PAC, whereby participants declare their intent to join in if they wish and sew garments to suit the guidelines.

Here are the guidelines for summer:

- One lightweight jacket or sweater in a neutral
- Another lightweight jacket, sweater or shirt in a colour,lighter neutral or print
- A pair of shorts, trousers, or capris in a neutral
- A skirt in a neutral or colour
- A short sleeve shirt, blouse, or t-shirt in a neutral
- Another shirtsleeve shirt, blouse, or t-shirt in a neutral.

As it is Autumn here and heading into Winter the guidelines would be:

- two over layer tops,
- two under-layer tops. 
- two bottoms.

Winter here is short lived and while it does cool down it does not get really cold for too long but using the above Winter guidelines I should be able to create garments that are not only useable for that brief cold spell but will get usage throughout Autumn and Spring as well (as long as fabrics and colours are chosen wisely).

I have no specific plans at the moment but I am toying with creating either a Hot Patterns 6pac or starting with the two or three (almost) TNT's that won't require a lot of work to get them where I want them to be and go from there.

Time to do some planning ...

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