Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ready to sew

The going has been slower than I would have liked but my darling little one so lovingly shared his flu with me and I am dragging myself around at a snails pace.

Despite feeling pretty average I really want to get these done, and I have managed to wash and dry the fabric (even though I was tempted to skip this step as the washing machine was working overtime anyway), cut out and make a few adjusments to the pattern, and cut the pieces out for one pair of pyjama pants and one top.

The pattern placement took some extra thought as I believed I had purchased just enough for pants from this particular piece of fabric, but with the addition of a centre back seam and altering the length of the pants from full length to 3/4 (as I wanted anyway) I managed to squeeze out a top as well.

I am hoping tomorrow I will feel up to sewing, but if not the next day ...

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