Monday, 28 December 2009

A late WIAW

Ruthie is holding a WIAW over the Christmas break, with prep being done the week prior to Christmas and the sewing starting on Boxing Day and some of the girls are already producing finished garments.

I fianlly decided I will join in but I will be a little late.

I have been searching for PJ's but cannot find what I want in the style, colour or size I want, so I have decided to use the WIAW to create 2 pr pj bottoms and 2 tops. It might not be what most people have in mind for a WIAW but it's what I need right now.

Despite best intentions I haven't made it to the fabric store yet, but I have found the pattern I want to use and decided on how much fabric I will need. I spent the day today catching up on housework so hopefully tomorrow I can venture out for a little retail therapy and get some fabric so the WIAW can begin.

Once I get these pieces done then I might still consider the Winter (Summer down under) 6 pack. I could do with some more summer tops and thin pants (probably linen or linen blend), so we will see ...

Happy Sewing.

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