Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Fabric update

I escaped from the house this morning on a little fabric finding mission.

Unfortunately in my travels I discovered that the store I wanted to check out will be closed till after New Years. Oh well, not wanting to go home empty handed I decided to make a detour via the local Spotllight store, which was only a few streets away from where I was anyway.

Spotlight did not have many fabrics in but I settled on some lightweight cottons. The first one has a blue background with lemon, pale blue, pink and green outlined hearts on it, I purchased enough of this to make one pair of 3/4 pyjama pants and hopefully a pyjama top.
The second fabric has a white background and stripes in navy, blue, green and pink (much the same colours as the other fabric) but unfortunately there was only enough of this for a pair of pyjama pants. I will need to go back at some stage and get something that co-ordinates for the other pyjama top, but it's better than nothing.

So off to the washing machine these go. If the kids don't need me too much today, which is highly likely as 3 of them have the flu (as do I), I might get some patterns traced off or cut out, not sure which way I will be going with that yet.

I am hoping to start sewing tomorrow but that depends on how well I feel. At least I am making some progress ...

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