Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where are the patterns?

We live in a part of the world where being at the beach, pool, or lake is a big part of our lives, especially in Summer (which is approaching fast), and you need appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the very harsh sun. I prefer longer length board shorts and either a tankini top or rashie, but finding something suitable in shops is almost impossible (and always expensive). I decided to make my own and that's where I hit a stumbling block.

I have been searching pattern websites for ladies board short, tankini and rashie patterns, to no avail. Surely somewhere out there they exist? After some time I discovered a mens board short pattern made by Jalie, but that's it. I am so disappointed, I was really hoping there would be half a dozen or more patterns to choose from but sadly there aren't.

So my question is this, if you want to make your own sun safe swim wear what patterns do you use? Do you adapt another pattern, have you drafted our own, or have you given up as it's all too hard? If you have sewn your own what fabrics have you used and where did you get them from? They seem to be almost as hard to find as the patterns.

Hopefully someone has been there done that and can point me in the right direction. Right now I am feeling rather down about the whole thing but the kids are hoping I find a solution fast as the school holidays are just a few short weeks away.

I await your words of wisdom ...


  1. I used Kwik Sew 2868 for my daughter's tankini & rashie. No boardies though. But I can't see why you couldn't use a mens pattern for that.

  2. Deb, for fabric, ring up Stretchtex in Sydney (non interactive website, google will find them) they make the best swimwear lycra, including chlorine resistant and 50+ UV, at manufacturer's prices + a cutting fee for less than a bolt. They sent me a sample card when I rang them, very helpful. No affiliation etc etc. I use a Green Pepper cycling jersey pattern and a really old out of print independent pattern for rashies. I make boardies from Burda - can't remember the pattern off the top of my head. I bought the fabric from Seattle Fabrics (USA) - supplex nylon, but it is not too hard to find from technical clothing people, but all overseas so far.

  3. I use Jalie patterns, for the most part. They have a couple of great tankini patterns. Kwik Sew patterns are also my stand bys, particularly for cover up type wear. I've never seen shorts patterns like the rashie patterns anywhere (I would call Jalie and ask about them; maybe they will develop some!).

  4. Thanks for the ideas girls. I haven't started creating yet (with the mad lead up to Christmas taking most of my time) but hope to do something soon. In the meantime I found a pair of boardies on sale and they fit OK so they will do for a little while.