Wednesday, 11 November 2009

No sewing today

... hopefully tomorrow I will get back to my machine.

Monday was ds#2's birthday, yesterday was taken up with the car being taken to and collected from the mechanics and grocery shopping, this morning I had appointments to go to and just after lunch I am collecting eldest ds from school to drive up to my mothers to set up my nieces wii to work with the new wireless modem. I have a couple of layouts I need to do for the DT but they don't need to be done till Friday.

So if all goes to plan tomorrow will be a sewing day, once the mornings housework is out of the way. I have two tops that have been cut out waiting for me to put them together for weeks and they will be the first in line. Hopefully they will go together fast and then I can think about the next project. There's only a couple of weeks left to complete the Autumn (or in my case Spring) sew along but I doubt very much if I will get another 4 items completed in that time. You never know though, miracles can happen ....

What are you working on atm?


  1. Debbie, I hope you get the tops done. Can't the housework have a day off? This is why my house is a mess! :) I would much rather sew than do housework.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement :) I don't plan on doing too much housework, just the morning dishes, tidy the kitchen, put the rubbish out, start the washing machine, make some beds, quick swish and swoosh in the bathrooms, etc. If I get myself into gear it shouldn't take too long and I can get on with some sewing!