Monday, 9 November 2009


Well I have finally finished the clothes I was making for the little girl in Sri Lanka. It's just as well I am done as the people taking them over are leaving on Friday and I need to pack these up and get the package to them before they finish packing their bags..

Plans changed a little and I ended up with 4 separate outfits, 3 of which are shown here and have a matching little head scarf (folded over the shoulder of the striped top).

The 4th set is blue and white and matches clothes she has already received. I didn't take a photo of the other outfit as it was simply shorts and a little cropped top.

I am yet to give these a press so please forgive me, I wanted to get this post done before I stopped to make dinner :)

It was nice to make some girls clothes for a change, something I haven't done since my niece was little (she's now 12) .... I just hope the little girl will like them.

Once I catch up with the housework I might be able to get some sewing done for me, maybe!

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