Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reading Material

It's hard to find Burda magazines here on the coast, and when you do they are around $16 each, not cheap!

You can imagine my joy when I discovered the local libraries have a collection of them. I went online and put a reserve/hold on some (as well as some other sewing books) and got the call yesterday that three magazines were ready for collection. I braved the horrendous weather yesterday afternoon and went to collect them.

I was pleased to see them all in hanging packets, the patterns already removed from the magazines and placed in the packets behind the magazines. They are all in good condition too, which was a nice surprise.

I am starting to think about what fabrics I would like to have in my very small collection. I have a few summer weight cottons for tops, a few bits and pieces for making shorts for the boys, and some odds and ends of polar fleece, but that's it so far. It's been a while since I did much fabric shopping so I am doing a little research into what is available locally and online.

I need some basics for my stash, some gabs and knits for skirts and pants, and some jersey type fabrics for tops, but apart from that I think I will just go with the flow and get what appeals when I see it. I think it's probably best to buy fabrics with a particular pattern or project in mind but hey I'm not against grabbing a special when I see it.

I have joined the Lincraft Club and am already a Spotlight member, and although I don't expect to find any truly great fabrics through either of those stores they do have some good specials on fabrics every now and then, as well as notions and patterns, so that will come in handy.

I think I better get some housework done so I can start tracing these patterns. There is a jacket in one of the magazines that I would like to make soon, it's winter here and I am over sweatshirts and jeans, well not completely but I would like a nice jacket :)

Until next time ...

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