Friday, 11 December 2015

The first FST

I got back to the test run of my first FST on Wednesday. I opted to sew it together as a single layer, choosing not to add another layer to compensate for the sheer fabric. I am still considering how to hem it, the mesh is extremely stretch so I may just overlock the edge and do a sight lettuce hem or do a rolled hem (not sure how the fabric will behave so some testing will be required). It will probably be worn as is over a swimsuit to go to the beach over summer or with a camisole when wearing it around the house or out and about. I am ok with that.

Today I have another FST cut and have so far sewn the shoulders and side seams, only needing to add the sleeve and neck bands and hem it. This one is a medium blue in a linen knit fabric that is oh so soft. The fabric was on sale at Spotlight this week, 30% off, and while that is great I am kicking myself for only getting two colours and only enough for two tops total. This one should be finished tomorrow.

I am enjoying having my machines set up ready to sew when I have the energy and the time but I can't leave them there too long, we will need the table for Christmas at least. Perhaps Santa will bring me a sewing table I can squeeze into the bedroom? Well, a girl can dream ...

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