Monday, 28 December 2015

Sewing and Christmas

As mentioned in the last post I made a bit of a mess with the topstitching on one of the FST's, it is fine to wear around the house but I wear it out until I do something with it. I was considering covering it with a ruffle or trim and I have placed an order for a few trims so when they arrive I will decide if I am going to use one of those or make a self fabric ruffle. Either way I will be able to cover the less than perfect top stitching and hide my lack of concentration.

For now all machines are packed away, as I sew on the dining table and we needed it table for Christmas. However, my eldest son didn't know what to get me for Christmas and I saw a desk on sale that would be perfect for a sewing station. It is not as wide as some desks but is long enough to hold both sewing machine and overlocker and has some inbuilt storage.

Anyway, we saw it on sale on Boxing Day so it has been ordered and should be here within the week. It will mean there is some re-arranging of furiture to do but I don't mind that when the outcome is no more packing and unpacking machines!

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