Friday, 25 September 2009

Slowly slowly

With it being school holidays I have had very little time for myself, these 4 boys of mine are running me ragged. Not on the agenda today was a trip to the Shopping Centre to buy X-Box games, but it's ds#1's birthday next week and the games he wanted were on sale for 1/2 price. What can you do?

Anyway, I did find half an hour to cut out the knot front sleeveless top from Simplicity 4076. This top will be the first article of clothing I am making for the Autumn Sew Along (or Spring for those of us downunder). Yay, I am finally underway!

I have waited for this pattern for a while and I am eager to see how it makes up but I can't sew tonight.

The fabric is a black ribbed knit and it's hard to see what you're doing with black fabric at night, especially when there isn't much light in the dining room to start with (yes that's where I sew). I also have a scrapbook LO due for the Inspiration Team, which I must get done tonight.

Hopefully I will be able to get it sewn up in the morning, looking at the pattern it shouldn't take that long. I have not made this one before but made up a Khalia Ali knot front top a while back, but the method of construction on this one looks so much easier.

I have dropped the idea of a trench for now, it's already too warm and the idea of making one for it to sit in the wardrobe for the next 6 months does not appeal to me at all. So far the amended plan looks like this ...

1. Pants or skirt - no idea yet
2. Sleeveless Vest - Kwik Sew 3618 (maybe)
3. Layering Piece - totally undecided but possibly an overshirt or tunic
4. Shirt - McCalls 5664
5. Top - Simpicity 4076 - cut and ready to sew
6. Top - New Look 6891

I wonder how many times more I will change my mind before I get this done?

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  1. Hey Deb that all sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see them made up! I've found a cute Amy Butler pattern for a halter top that I'm thinking of buying...