Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Despite best intentions there has been no sewing this week. I have had my hands full trying to get the garden sorted (it badly needed attention), helping kids with assignments and experiments for school, getting ds#3 ready for camp (tomorrow), organising the Council to fix a leaking water meter, visiting my parents for Fathers Day, as well as all the usual housework, study, etc.

The postie just delivered a parcel of fabrics I purchased. There is black stretch cotton shirting with a white stripe (enough for a skirt and shirt and vest), 2x2 rib in both aqua and black (for tops), and white jersey with a black, pink and gold print (for a top).

I don't need these straight away but I will wash them ready for when I do. After a bit of housework and I finish packing for ds#3's camp trip I might get around to getting the next project (whatever that may be) cut out and ready to go.

Happy sewing,

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