Saturday, 11 August 2012

Big fat zero

That is the amount of sewing I have managed this year, none!

I have had a lot to deal with this year. Kids with health issues, my father passing away, helping Mum best I can, trying to declutter our home and redecorate the house, RA in my knees and some unknown issue that is causing me pain in my arm and now embarking on a 12 week fitness plan. Sewing has had to take a back seat. The most I have done sewing wise is reconnect with the sewing discussions @ stitchers guild and buy a few new patterns.

I discovered Kayla Kenningtons patterns only recently and decided to buy two of them (the perennial pants and the crossover top) to see what I think. It is winter here at the moment and I am hoping to at least try out the pants pattern before Summer. I think it would be a useful addition to my wardrobe.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to sewing. I think Kayla's methods were featured in a Threads (US) magazine some time in the past. I love the look. Hope it works well for you.