Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New (to me) Sewing Machine

I love Freecycle!

You never know what you will see being given away and last week my luck was in.

When I saw 'sewing machine' my heart was all a flutter, when I saw it was on offer from one of my friends my heart skipped a beat. I sent off an email straight away and was promised the machine almost imnmediately. It was collected during a lovely catch up visit a few days later.

This is not a unique machine, it is not an antique either, it is a regular machine that you can get (re-branded) all over the place. Why am I so happy about this machine? Well it has something my Janome 6500P does not, a free arm. Now some of you may think no big deal and I know I can manage without one as I have done so for years, but when your smallest person in the house is only 4 and there are things such as little sleeves to sew in and hem it does make it easier.

After earlier receiving back my two older machines I had leant out and discovering bits and pieces missing, and dealing with that disappointment, I am pleased to say that this machine will fill the gap they left quite nicely. I have given it a good clean and it is already running well, once it's had an oil it will be humming along nicely.

The next task is to put aside my scrapbooking stuff and create myself a little sewing space ...

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