Monday, 1 November 2010

Some progress

OK so it's not on a white shirt, but I did get somewhere today.

Between ... running kids to school in the morning, collecting eldest ds from school before midday, going shopping with eldest ds for new jeans and a belt to wear to a class dinner tonight, picking up 2 Burda mags from the library, doing the grocery shopping, getting petrol in the car, and collecting the other two kids from school ... I have managed to trace off and alter the pattern, and cut out the fabric for a top for myself, and download and trace off a pattern for newborn pants (for a friend who just had a baby).

Unfortunately there is no time to sew now. I have to get the groceries away, organise dinner for the other 3 kids and myself, supervise homework, iron some jeans and a shirt, and then take eldest to the restaurant.

Perhaps tomorrow ...

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